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Acrylic Pictures

Acrylics are a medium that I have used to great effect, especially with Black and White images. Some of the pictures below were produced for a company specializing in these Acrylics just to test the process and other requirements. They can be wall mounted or free standing. I have also produced the images for special exhibition and marketing projects using Acrylics. All of the images displayed are also available for viewing at a larger size in the Galleries.

The images below are 5% of the original size and so you will have a sense of scale between them, the largest being 500mm on the long side.

AP-01-N251005-3085Aa AP-02-N120607-0152Aa AP-03-N200505-0722AaMod AP-04-N240607-0213Aa AP-05-N100707-0019Ab AP-06-K190706-6366A AP-08-N280207-0002A AP-09-N120607-0143Aa AP-10-N011005-0170Aax AP-11-N230907-0724Ab AP-2-N301006-0065Aa Select Another Project 9855-N190907-0036A-45A-52Acomp 9816-N061207-0021-22-23-24

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