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My Pictures - Crash, Bang, Wallop



My Pictures - Crash Bang Wallop

As a member of Smethwick Photographic Society, one of the UK’s largest photographic societies, I am an active participant in competitions and exhibitions. This includes National and International events as well as merit competitions within the society. I am proud to say that Smethwick holds amongst its membership some of the finest amateur photographers in the country who maintain the highest standards of our hobby.

I came fairly late into club photography and must admit that given my previous professional and amateur experience it is sometimes a struggle to produce pictures that fit into the realm of club photography but am pleased to say that I have had many successes at both National and International levels and continue in my endeavours.

I am sure that my contemporaries would agree that not all of their pictures make the grade as competitive pictures but none the less represent their view of the world and as such deserve some place in their portfolio.

As well as striving to produce competition work I still try to take all sorts of pictures that interest me, and that I enjoy taking, and have included some of them in this book. I do hope that you enjoy this small selection and that you view them not as competition masterpieces but as a window into my passion for photography.

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