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Portraits - Lets Face It, It's a Mugs Game



Portraits - Let's Face It, It's a Mugs Game

There can be no doubt that the popularity of formal portraiture has declined over the past few years in favour of the environmental or reportage type of people pictures. However, my early career in photography, at a busy studio, was predominantly doing just this kind of studio portrait work so I make no apologies for returning to this whenever I can.

As well as portraiture my studio sessions cover such themes as Fashion, Glamour, Figure Study and Costume, but more often than not a shoot will start with a few portrait shots.

This book contains portraits old and new, with some being taken with the very earliest digital cameras. Digital capture has of course come on leaps and bounds in the last few years to the point that it now rivals film in terms of detail and clarity. As you look through the book I am sure that you will easily identify those images that were taken using older digital equipment.

As always my sincere thanks go to all of the models who put up with my perfectionism and who worked hard to produce the pictures that you see here.

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