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DSLR Camera Simulator

The SLR camera simulator below shows you visually how ISO speed, aperture, shutter speed, and distance affect the exposure and thus the outcome of your digital photos.


You can change all of these settings, including ambient light, using the sliders in the simulator. You can then take a virtual picture and immediately see the result of your settings.


This is a great way to learn or reinforce your understanding of exposure which of course is the foundation of photography.


In a short time you will start to understand how all these settings affect the final outcome of your photos and recognise the different settings that accomplished photographers use to produce their images.


The simulator can be downloaded for a small donation and you can view other useful video’s on the Camerasim website using the link below. It's available for windows, mac and mobile devices.


PLEASE NOTE: The Camera Simulaor below is the web based version and so will not work on mobile devices. If you wish to view it on a mobile device you will need to visit the CamerSim site.

Here is a YouTube video that explains the three basic principals of exposure and photography. Understanding these basic principals will help you to achieve better results with your pictures.


After watching the video you can test and reinforce what you have learned by using the camera simulator that appears above.


If you have enjoyed learning these basic steps to a better understanding of photography there are plenty more tutorial videos on 'YouTube' covering all sorts of subjects from Composition to understanding the Histogram.

Tip: If you would prefer to watch a tutorial first, in order to get a better understanding of what is going on in your camera please see the YouTube video at the bottom of the page and then return to this camera simulator to practice what you have learned.