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Prints on Canvas

Having pictures put onto canvas is a great way to display pictures and is relatively inexpensive these days. I always have mine stretched onto frames and use mirror edges around the side of the frame. The examples below are pictures that I have had processed as Canvas Prints. Unfortunately my available wall space is limited and so this becomes a barrier to this kind of experimentation but keep looking, you may spot something new one day. All of the images displayed are also available for viewing at a larger size in the Galleries.

The images below are 5% of the original size and so you will have a sense of scale between them, the largest being 900mm on the long side.

CP-100x50-N080409-4573A CP-61x50-N250209-0217A N020410-6969A N081209-0131Ac N081209-0213Abx N230405-0507A N250602-1526Ax N020210-0245Ac Select Another Project

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